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Anna Lovato has been teaching movement since 1995. Dance led her to Pilates after college and she’s been an avid student of the work ever since.  Today she holds three comprehensive Pilates Certifications from different organizations and is constantly taking workshops and lessons in all types of disciplines to enrich her practice. 

During her early years teaching Pilates, Anna recognized a need for hands on techniques and chose to study Traditional Thai Massage. Her instruction included over 300 combined hours from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts and Master Teacher Pichet Boonthume of Hang Dong, Thailand.

Her Pilates practice today is focused on rehabilitation, bodywork and personal fitness combined.  What she loves most is those “light-bulb” moments when a client has that spark of understanding that ties the mind with the body to achieve precise form in movement.  She strives to empower her clients, by providing them with the tools to take control of their physical selves and improve the quality of their own lives.


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